Why You Should Wear A Wristwatch?

The time of the day but the conventional way of looking at your wrist watch to tell the time is stylish and very much in vogue, even today. There are numerous watches that are available in the world, ranging from Apple styles to diving or military styles. It is better to buy a watch that would suit your personality and especially your wrist. Finding a wrist watch that you want to invest in for a long term basis is not as easy as you think. Like a clothing item, the fit of the watch on your wrist is of paramount importance and it is essential that the watch should look smart on your hand.

The History behind the Wrist Watch

 The need for a wrist watch was first felt during the First World War period when soldiers got tired of taking out their pocket watches or fishing for them. Some of the smart soldiers started wearing their pocket watches around their wrists in the shape of a bracelet. Earlier, a watch that was worn as a bracelet was considered primarily as fashion among women. As the time went by, though the concept of a wrist watch was considered a sillier trend, it, however, became a norm and its practicality finally made the pocket watches into an obsolete phenomena. Wrist watches were first used by the military personnel so that they could synchronise their manoeuvres during war routines. Since the First World War, specialised watches are in use even in the ocean depths by divers and up in the skies by aviators.

Today, a wristwatch is not only considered a timepiece that could be presented as a quintessential gift but it is also regarded as a quintessential heirloom.

Why is it important for you to wear a wrist watch?

A wrist watch has many functions to serve even if you have your phone for a swift time check. To begin with, a wrist watch is convenient. It is not your cell phone that keeps you punctual; it is the watch. Scientists are questioning the wisdom behind using a cell phone to check the time of the day. When you fish for your cell phone regularly just to check what time it is, you project a look of desperation to others. A swift glance towards your wrist watch is a classier way to keep a tab on the time during a meeting or a date. It would also look rude to your friends or companions if you keep pulling out your phone when you are in the midst of a conversation with them. A wrist watch is a convenient and a much more subtle means of checking time when you are at a funeral or at a wedding.

A wrist watch has an advantage over your smart phone. You can operate it much longer when you are moving out. Today, wrist watches are being designed to be self-powered through motion or they would be using only a small energy amount with the help of a battery cell. In comparison, the smart phone could give you time for just eight or ten hours before it has to be recharged.

A wrist watch is a representation of your personality and your style. More often than not, a wrist watch attracts attention than any other item that you may have in your wardrobe. When a person gets married, he is found with three most important accessories that decorate his hand – they are his wrist watch, a pair of cuff links and a stylish wedding band. A wrist watch will make it easy for you to project your stylish sense. It is a means of self-expression for you. It would reflect a hint of adventure, sports or danger, based on the design and the manufacture of a particular watch. A wrist watch communicates about the personality of the person wearing it. If boys look at their smart phones regularly to check time, men will look at their Rolex wrist watches. A quality wrist watch could be regarded as a man’s equivalent to an engagement ring.

A wrist watch also embodies craftsmanship. It is much more than a mere time keeper. It has become a symbol of history and also tradition that can be displayed as a showpiece. Most men do not even realise that they may be wearing art pieces on their very wrists. Some of the watch manufacturing houses have even more than three craftsmen who work on a single watch for many months on end. They design and craft complex items of technology with just their hands.

Selecting a watch that fits your wrist perfectly

How do you find a wrist watch that stands out from the rest? Before you select a wrist watch, you have to pay proper attention on the proportion and the wrist size. A watch has to project a natural balance. We learn to lean towards the right proportions by instinct. This happens when we build houses or balance our checkbooks. If you have small wrist, then a smaller watch would suit you.

There are six elements that you should be concentrating on when you want to buy a wrist watch. These are the case diameter, material, width, thickness, components and details.

The case diameter of a wrist watch is the distinct noticeable proportion element. Men’s wrist watches range anywhere from 38mm to 46mm; anything above this range may look too large and could be worn only on flashy outfits. Before you buy a watch, it is wiser to measure your wrist. The thickness of the watch’s case will be nicely balanced if you select the right case diameter. A watch that is well proportioned generally has a band width of about half its case diameter. Leather bands will give your wrist watch a slimmer look; a metal watch band tends to appear heavier and larger because of the metal’s nature. This is a very important consideration when you have wrists that are small.

When you walk in to a shop such as the Wrist Shop to buy a wrist watch, the best combination would be to combine all these elements together in proportion and be guided by your wrist size and your personal prefere