When it’s not just about work…

We received an email from a customer. He was based in Jordan and wanted something special for his fiancée. We don’t normally ship outside the EU so this was a first. From the sketchy address (they don’t use post codes) to Jordanian customs, we were unsure the package would reach on time.

But it did!

And he managed to surprise his fiancée the way he wanted. 



“Well first of all i would like to thank you personally and your department, team.

It all started when I was looking for something unique and wonderful as an engagement gift that when I checked Instagram to find a great post in front of my eyes with your wonderful designs.

I knew that this will be a great gift specially that Western watches had a value and a history in our relationship that meant something special.

That’s when the choice became easy, and your customer care was totally supportive and amazing ?.

I don’t care about the cost i just mentioned this to have it as a reference in case someone from Jordan request to have your watch. The gift is so amazing and its priceless.

The engagement ceremony will be on Friday 14th of April,2017 And definatey we would love to share our story with you guys and i will take some photos aligned with our Arab traditions to be shared also on your website.

Thank you for your great support and efforts. I really appreciate it ❤

– Mohammad Jamal  Al Namoura