The Wrist- PERFECT watch!

As easy as it may seem to be, finding the perfect wrist watch is like picking the right jewel to wear. It never follows an easy pick-any-off the counter theory. It is a delicate question, and it might need some time to get answers.

Before we start with our step-by-step approach of finding that perfect watch, we present to you our Theory of 3Ys –

  • Your Research & Our Ensemble

Reading this is a pretty good start! Try to learn as much as possible about Branded watchesluxury watches, their expensive value add-ons and the premium style factor that they present and make sure you spend that hefty chunk of change wisely.

How do you know if a watch is the perfect one for you? Especially if it is your first watch (and yes, many will probably follow if the passion for watches grows on you after you’ve made that first great purchase), you have to make the right decision, as it probably will be a significant purchase. You will wear this fine timepiece for a long time, and you want to get it right the first time.

  • Your pocket needs comfort (too!)

Keep in mind that this is your perfect watch, the watch that should last forever and complements your sense of horology in style. This could mean that you (probably) spend more than you initially planned, but it is probably more than worth it. You don’t want to have regrets later on (“If only I had…”).

  • Your Style, Your Choice

You’re perfect, is your eternal choice. You decide, you buy. We are here to support and help in narrowing the choices. At the end, you are the Boss. Let’s go through a few criteria which come handy for the optimum choice of luxury watches

  • Genre of branded watch

If you are an introvert person whose wardrobe is classy, loves poetry, listens to symphonies and drives a Bentley Blue for example, then the Western Watches Classic ensemble like a Le Classique or Evan (men classic watch) or Evalyn (women classic watch) with a sleek and confident look would be your perfect heirloom piece.

When you are a creative soul with vogue in mind the fashion labels like Genevive with its extravagant carves and interesting design elements will be best for you. All we need to see is what suits your lifestyle and your statement.

  • Budget bracket 

If you are on a quest for that perfect mechanical watch, there is a certain minimum budget you will need. However, great taste and a lot of money is seldom a good combination, so not to worry; we will show you some great possibilities in each and every price category. We will show you why a good watch comes at a certain price and how you can still find a good watch for a decent amount of money. Speak of our multi-functional wrist watches and branded Chronograph wrist watches! Prepare your Excel sheet!

  • Brand dilemma

Do a bit of research to determine which brand reflects about you as an individual. Be a trend setter yourself. At Western Watches we define your style statement with a platter of brands that talks about you (vividly). A watch brand needs to fit you. We will show you the most important brands out there and see how they fit into your life, what they are known for and what they stand for.

  • Functionality

Although this is a little complicated, but, there is no better word to describe some of the features and functionalities of a mechanical wrist watch.

We understand that the major attribute of a watch is generally only an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand. Perhaps a date or even a day indicator, in case of Chronograph wrist watches, a minute repeater or even the entire constellation of the earth, moon and sun on their arms- we need to understand the most common complications and functions one can have in a wristwatch and on why they might come in handy or why it is so extremely cool to have them in your watch.

  • Accuracy 

Although there is no mechanical watch as precise as a radio-controlled digital watch, a lot of effort is being put into developing and producing accurate mechanical watches. Buying the perfect wristwatch is not just a shopping exercise. It is actually nothing short of a veritable rite of passage, that an individual has to go through. It is a transition. It is an art of vogue. Your watch keep a track of time in style.

  • The perfect occasion

Casual watches: These are usually designed for comfort, and can complement almost any outfit. Both men and women’s casual watches can be designed in simple, classic styles that may also be waterproof and have luminous hands to tell time in the dark.

Sport watches: Perfect for athletes and busy lifestyles, as these are usually much more durable and resilient than the average watch. Some of these may include timers, waterproof construction, and also special backlighting features that make it easier to tell time in adverse conditions.

Working watches: These watches can be worn to complement a professional dress code at work, but do not fall under the luxury category. They are often designed for both functionality and with a simple, elegant style. Most are made with silver, stainless steel, or gold accents.

Luxury watches: These are generally status symbols that are worn only on special occasions or business. Rolex is just one luxury brand that offers a prestigious collection of one-of-a kind timepieces for any luxury consumer.

Contemporary watches: These are usually in line with the season’s trends, and may not be quite as trendy in a few short months or years. These watches may be purchased to complement a particular outfit or create a distinct look, but will rarely be a lifetime investment.

There aren’t many watches, or fashion products in general, specifically designed for independent thinkers but we at Western Watches pride ourselves on presenting a bridge between the gap with a wide variety of luxury and branded watches for men, women, boys & girls. All of our watches are designed with a progressive mind-set and crafted with an artistic vision, making them perfect for all and special.

Pride yourself on individuality and appreciate the classic that embraces your wrist, to find joy in owning the perfect watch!