SmartWatch Revolution: Escape from the SmartPhone prison!

One would think that the purpose of owning a smartwatch was that one could still remain connected to the waterraket world in the absence of a smartphone; hence the given name, “smartwatch”. The fact of the matter is that we couldn’t be any further.

Smartphones thành are still a major requirement — a relatively close proximity must be maintained with the smartwatch or else certain functionalities may be lost 2004 or hindered. This defeats the purpose of the word “smart” in smartwatches. Is one willing to spend up to $400 just for a pedometer?

This might amaze you, but there are still a small number of people who do not own a smartphone and they’re going to be in for some major disappointment. Fortunately, brands like Samsung, etc. have rushed to the rescue with a new class of watches known as “Standalone Watches”.

This particular class of smartwatches support 3G and 4G mobile networks due to their integrated SIM card slots — aside from possessing all the features and functionalities of a smartphone, built-in. Calls, messages, etc. no longer require a paired device on your person but can pair over the internet so you can leave the warden at home while you go for a run. However, they have yet to replace our phones.

Standalone watches are quite recent on so they may not be close to perfect but like Neil Armstrong quoted — “It’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind”.film Air download