Set the temperature soaring with the Western Watches series

Swiss watch manufacturers Western Watches bring to you four whole new sets of timepieces that will surely help you set the temperature soar with their style statements. Be different from the crowd by selecting the unique and distinctive watches that would make you exceptional. Watches hold a special place since they do wonders to your identity. They transform your personality magically; boost up your confidence, showering the charm of your presence on the others around you. A single piece can determine you as a fashion icon and a trendsetter to look forward to.

Chronograph Wrist Watches For Men:

Vergant Chronograph Watches– Created by the best of the designers, the Chronograph series gives you an adventurous look. These are really the cool ones with a sporty look. The ensemble with an intricate craftsmanship with minute details is a piece to watch for. Designed with multi-stacked layers made of stainless steel, these are the apt choice for your adventurous outings. The Vergant Chronograph collection for men gives you a sporty look along with being super stylish. Here, functionality collaborates with reliability. These round dials with a leather strap talks about your fashion statement all by itself. Also the range for women’s collection is indeed a mind blowing one with round dial and a bracelet band. These stone studded time pieces are an excellent work of artistry. These are some of the lovely and attractive assortments that surely set you apart from the rest. Just a single piece on your beautiful wrist would magnify the oomph factor. Available in various colour combinations, you can choose the best of the lot to go with your personality.

Western’s Holly Series– Designed exclusively for women, here you would find elegance in simplicity. This is an era where minimalistic elements matter the most. Less is more. Instead of going for a heavy ornamentation with complex mechanism, if you love to keep it that plain and fundamental, then this is the one for you. Available in a variety of bold colours, with a round dial and leather strap, is the most elementary and modest that you can find in a wristwatch. With a great functionality, Holly can be your best friend for any occasion. Redefine simplicity with the dazzling Holly series and be a trendsetter. For the gorgeous women in you, the simplistic Holly can be your true companion. Sometimes it happens that you like to keep it plain and simple. Sometimes it also happens that you are already wearing something gorgeous. In those cases it is better to keep the accessories on a low note.  You can easily tone down and balance your overall look with just a touch of simplicity by adorning Holly.

Rania Series Wrist Watches For Women:

Western’s Rania Series– Western’s Rania Series would just make you go gaga over its very first look. An ultimate combination of style and class is what this series can be defined as. The amazing colour contours with Swarovski studded crystals around the dial is a reflection of richness and elegance. Crafted with utmost care, these glitzy stone embossed decorative timepieces are just the ones that would redefine your personality. You can humbly create your own style with these ornamental assortments. Also it can turn into a great piece for gifting your loved ones. A gift is one that can be remembered for. It brings with it a bunch of emotions and speaks about the place the person holds in your life. Hence, be it your Valentine or any of your near and dear ones, Western’s Rania Series is sure to define your class, whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to anybody else. Make you own style statement with a Rania around your wrist because you deserve it.

Western’s Gunnar Series– Looking for a timepiece that is minimalist and maximalist at the same time? You must be wondering whether it’s at all possible! Hold your breath, for here comes the exact combination of functionality with a class. The sterling stainless steel bracelet with round dials of different colour combos will emit a sense of aesthetics. The creativity gives importance to functionality but owing to its artistic inclination provides ample space for looking good as well. With a precision in engineering along with exquisite design fitting well for the modern city life, Gunnar depicts the manliness in you. Being macho and sexy at the same time is a rare combination and so is Gunnar. Be it any social occasion or a formal gathering, a Gunnar series on your masculine wrist would single you out as a fashion figure. Make people envious around you with just a mere timepiece that depicts a marriage between meticulous engineering proficiency and marvellous workmanship with dexterity.

So don’t wait any further to grab your favourite out of these series and reinvent yourself with Western Watches!