How to pick a Timepiece for the Suited and Booted.

Imagine the present day gentleman with his fitted suits and pocket squares. Completing the look is that subtle piece of  horological goodness that points to power, elegance and sophistication. The point is, if you are going to the effort and expense of getting a finely tailored suit, you should don a watch that matches!

The dress watch rules have changed slightly over the decades. In general, a dress watch should have a classic dial – simple and clean encased in a plain gold plated or stainless steel case, small and discreet. Now comes the tricky part: Gone are the days where you match the strap with your belt and shoes. After all, leather strapped timepieces may be dressy but do you really need the dressiest watch just like a cumberband and tails are needed with a suit?

We believe, sported wisely, a classic dial with a ceramic band or stainless steel is acceptable. Just make sure it fits under your cuff.

The reality is, wearing a suit won’t be the best opportunity to showcase your favourite watch. There are fine rules to coordinating one’s suit accessories. Your timepiece must not show when you have your arms to your sides but is allowed to play ‘peekaboo’ on extending.

So if you were thinking of donning a diamond-studded watch bigger than an Oreo cookie you need to scrap that plan and think of another way to calling everyone’s attention to your uberwealthy self and apparent limitless disposable income! Follow our dress watch guidelines and allow yourself to brag, but in a more subtle way that ensures no one can accuse you of outright bragging since you are feigning humbleness!

Finally, we come to the last rule: Stay away from that rubber strap stuff!  It’s a big fat no-no! After all, the watch is one of those elements of dress by which people will define you by. So choose wisely when adding that extra “oomph” to your bespoke modern day armour.

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