First trendy watch on Western

Welcome watch fans to western in the versatile  watch wilderness. The names Western as always setting up shop on topics of interest. In all fairness if you are a fan of modern cut timepieces that don’t cost you a week’s wage, then you should definitely cast your peepers over the Western collections that we have on offer. Western ladies and gentleman is a brand that you may not of heard of yet but realistically they are the most exciting brand to surface within the watch industry for quite some time. The combination of funky unique collections and inspired design with the use of modern up to date fabrics and brogue leathers are truly a must.

His & Hers Timepiece

A quality watch isn’t simply something you strap on your wrist to tell time. The best watches  also say something about your own personal style and can make a great fashion accessory as well. In order to make a wise decision when you purchase a watch, you need to learn more about the various watch styles that are available. Price is of course an important consideration. However, when it comes to the overall value of a watch there are other important factors to account for. It is often better to spend a bit more money to purchase a higher quality watch that will last longer, look better and offer more features. Also consider that a watch is something you can wear for many years if you go with a classic rather than a trendy style. In recent years oversized watches have been at the forefront of the designer watch industry. If ever you’re looking for a his & hers timepiece to co-ordinate with those classic his & hers trainers, Western is the brand that will end all of your searches, offering a wide range of chic, slender and dapper styles.

Western’s Vergant & Verga Series

Looking for something less formal? The Vergant might be for you. If you’re more at home in jeans and a flannel shirt, or your activewear, a functional and stylish. The Vergant & Verga series of His and hers features the Big, bold and out of the ordinary, create a spectacular fashion statement with Western’s leading Collection. The plain Leather strap ties in nicely with the modest dial and high polished stainless steel case.With this particular model being cast in different colors to the dark version it almost shows off subtle elegances in the design that potentially could be missed in the light version. Its quite confusing to pick between all these elegant variations of Vergant series. With the addition of two toned metal, sun-ray dials, decorative chronographs, textured straps and much more. Colourful and dainty with easy-to-read dials, these classic timepieces make delightful watches! Comfortable and simple, they are the solution to finding your ideal Wrist watch.  Pretty and petite for lovely ladies this two toned watch is a more classy style from western , as it shows a small yet clean dial hold by  a slushy  leather strap . Spiffing for both special occasions and everyday use! Quirky and bold, these fabulously patterned watches may make your eyes feel fuzzy, however they certainly will add artistic creativity to your everyday outfits!