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With much trending watches for men-women available widely in the market, the obsession for watches remains immortal. Cool wrist watches are in vogue in the present era. Sasha, my friend, was asked at a beauty pageant contest, ‘if she thought Western Watches were the coolest accessories of all times’. No wonder she won the contest on the answer she gave quoted by Gorden Bethune “Watches are the only jewellery men can wear unless you’re Mr T.”

The times have changed, from traditional phone trunk calls to handy cell phones, the changes are immense. While the world is going digital, watches still strike a pose. Buying a wristwatch has become more of a status quo. Sonia flaunts her AED 30,000 Bucherer watches at a kitty party with diamonds studded on it. She says, ‘I buy stylish wrist watches because I am fond of them.’

Initial Idea of Wrist Watch-Saga

Needless to state, how pocket watches used to create hindrances in the work of people. Fed up removing the pocket watches on and off from the pockets and instead of buckling up on the wrists geared up the idea towards the wrist watches. Wristwatches were first seen to be used by the military personnel. This kind of western watches adds style-statement in the work culture.

It will be interesting to state how this era of people would love to see the wrist watches as their choices. While many of them look forward to Fashion Wrist Watches, there are some people who look for Classic Wrist Watches.

What’s Your Choice, Fashion Wrist Watches Or Classic Wrist Watches?

Ask me, and I am head over heels for Best Work Wrist Watches. They are simple, elegant and convenient to use. The best part is there are many Branded Wrist Watches available online. Whether looking to give a gift or surprising your beloved one with a cool wristwatch, you have just earned yourself some brownie points. Such is the legacy of wristwatches that it has seen heirloom saga too.

Choosing the Right Wrist Watch!

Thanks to the e-commerce that Luxury Wrist Watches for Men-Women are available at a convenient place and choicest stores around. However, there are the couple of elements that must be kept in mind while selecting watches from stores or online shopping. The essential features remain the same, the case diameter of the wristwatch, materials used, the width of the watch, components involved in it and detailing such as chronographs. Based on the size of a wrist, Buy Watches Online is no more a challenge. Some websites offer best deals on wrist watches and have return policies as well.

The Work Culture Style of Wearing Wrist Watches

There was the time when no fancy wristwatches were tolerated in the premises of workstation. But Western Watches have changed the trend. Western Watches involve a perfect blend of luxury, fashion and innovation. Often a western wrist watch is found on the wrists of the white collared people, businesspeople, and professionals.

Ideally, a standard diameter of 38mm to 46mm is suitable for men’s wrist watches to be at work. Anything above this could be flashy. Therefore work with style and trend is the present day hymn. The Western Watches have the variety to offer, and no two timepieces look the same.

What Happens On A Day When You Don’t Wear Your Wrist Watches For Work?

You are at the mercy of your cell phone and your comrades to ask for exact time. In the process of peeping into the mobile for time, it is mistaken as being on mobile’s social networking. Many companies do not appreciate that. In fact, it shouldn’t be appreciated either! The day without wrist watch is a day without salt in your food. You can have food but won’t be enjoyable.

In the end, your wristwatch represents you and your personality. It is one of those accessories that catch the original notice of the opponent. Therefore whether one is looking for Men Watches or Women Watches, there cannot be the better option than going in for Western Watches.

Dubai is known as the hub for some of the best wrist watches for men and women. Western Watches have every quintessential design for men and women. Be it the chronograph design comprising of Dallas series, Machism series, Jazzure series, the list is long. Wrist Watches in Dubai are available with multifunctional motive in mind. Krashiv series or Eton series, they ought to catch the attention of many.


Earlier the stigma of wrist watches being limited to men has gone. Today women no more compromise on wrist watches and have included in their fashion accessories. Be it the classic LE CLASSIQUE SERIES or trending HOLLY SERIES, the choices are many. Lovers of wrist watches are always on the look for something new, stunning and latest timepieces. That is why it is necessary to trust a brand that can offer all under one roof.